Matt Spectro Thru The Multiverse

The Podcast of The Night!-Spiderman(1983)

October 8, 2021

We are back in a big way as we kick off our month long Halloween celebration month!! This week its not only a double sized episode its the first ever father/son team in Multiverse History! Last time he discussed Green Lantern, but now Dave Walker is back and he brought his son Jordan as we make a chilling journey back to 1983 for Spiderman and his Amazing Friends episode "The Bride of Dracula" Join us at the Spider Friends face off with the lord of vampires and we discuss the many talents of the Wolfman, Dracula"s love of laughing, the insane way Spider man and Iceman travel and clear up who  is Ernie and who is Snap,Krackle and Pop!!!!! So leave the lights on and kick off spooky season with us and keep reminding yourself.....its not real its only a cartoon!!

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