Matt Spectro Thru The Multiverse

Symbiotic Podcast-Spiderman(2017)

January 21, 2022

Its another exciting trip thru the Multiverse as the co-host of my first podcast Truth,Justice and the New England ProWrestling Way Julian Star joins us!!! He sits down to talk the villain Venom as we watch the 2017 Spider-Man episode "Venom" First we dive into the history and origins of the popular anit-hero including the dispute over creator credit and the idea originally coming from a reader!!! Then we watch the cartoon and discuss such topics as animation style, our mutual dislike of Patton Oswald, the almost superhuman football skills of Flash Thompson, Spiderman always talking and our love of the insult ......nerd!! Plus we announce the soft reboot of our original podcast!! So tune in and take a journey thru another exciting web head adventure.... in cartoon form!

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